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Information for CIMRO Peer Reviewers

CIMRO’s physicians and allied health professionals maintain busy practices but still make time – sometimes on very short notice with very tight deadlines – for peer review. Therefore, this page is offered as a convenient resource for our Peer Reviewers. If you are not already a CIMRO Peer Reviewer and are interested in more information, please visit our Careers Page.

Because of our reviewers’ willingness to share their knowledge and experience, our clients are better equipped to 1) ensure patients receive care that meets the most current standards, 2) providers are afforded ongoing education and recognition, and 3) overall quality of care meets high standards.

A BIG THANKS for all you do!

Below are a few peer review educational articles, CIMRO’s Peer Reviewer Manual, and our Code of Business Conduct. For additional questions or guidance, please contact us at peerreview@cimro.com or 1-800-635-9407.


PR Quarterly Jan 2018807 KB
PR Quarterly Jan 20171804 KB
PR Quarterly Jan 2016903 KB
PR Quarterly Jan 2015690 KB

 Educational Resources

URAC (Abbreviated) IRO Standards146 KB
Peer Review Manual1382 KB
Guidelines for Utilizing References297 KB
Conflict of Interest Q and A523 KB
Fair Hearing Q and A303 KB
Guidelines for Experimental and Investigational External Review536 KB
Monitoring Criteria - How CIMRO Monitors PRs375 KB